OGear displaying the wrong gear item level in Heroic raids

With the new raid setups, oGear seems to view items dropped in Heroic SoO (old normal level) as Flex-level gear. I've gotten several pieces out of Heroic SoO on a character over the past couple of days, and all of them display as item level 540 instead of 553 for regular Heroic or 559 for Heroic Waforged. The items from Normal (old Flex) display correctly as item level 540. My oGear is up to date. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

I can confirm this bug aswell. The behaviour seems to be that all items you loot post 6.0.2, in quality HC and Mythic will be shown by oGear as ilvl 540. All items I had pre 6.0.2 shows correct ilvl 553 or 566. Also same bug applies to Warforged edition of HC and Mythic - all of them will be shown as 540 nonetheless.

Looks like there is something in the code for when oGear retrieves info from server that is not working correctly, cause even completely removing oGear and reinstalling it, will not fix the display bug.

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