Ogear bugs and Icebox Downloader


I like much Ogear and use it always, but there were some bug's, one of them is that is not showing the two ring's enchant's posssible now on WoW WoD.

Well, if this is not fixed I will use Kib's Item level. No problem.

About the Icebox Downloader that why he does not show all the add ons I have like Curse does ?


Aleo Veuliah

i was unaware rings could have 2 enchants now. hmph. i'll check that.

as for icebox and addon availability, we post all addons that are open for public distribution. certain addons are kept on a certain site as 'all rights reserved' to drive ad revenue into the site's pocket (less then 5% ends up with the devs).

unless the author uploads the addon to solidice, or changes the license allowing for free distribution, icebox will not make them available


Thanks for reply, I will wait for a new release of Ogear fixed,


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