Hey guys.

Anyone knows if oGear is still receiving updates?

Hi Amanitas,

We're not currently working on any new features for oGear, but if there is something wrong or a bug we can try and look into it.

last thing i added was the ability to see ilevels when comparing pieces on each slot.

is there something else you'd like added?

Well, once you asked us what we liked on oQ and what we wanted to keep for oGear and few days ago I was thinking about the reputation changes and currency.. In my opinion this is a very useful feature specially when you are farming reputation or even to control bonus loots and maybe the chance of bonus loot and what loot chances sounds good too. Apparently the site Askmrrobot knows what are the chances of bonus loot drop. What do you think?


PS: Sorry to take so long to reply, got some personal problems and I kinda forgot of this topic.

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