oFollow not working well in Ashran mines

The new event mines event "Ashran Excavation" is very difficult to use oFollow with. Entering and exiting the mines, the slave toons get stuck. You usually have to force them in one at a time and restart the binary.

Once inside, my horde toons have seemed to be okay most of the time, unless I hit 'M' or 'L' and open up a map, then all the slave toons go haywire and start running into walls. Once this happens, it is very difficult to get them all back together. I usually have to close the binary, back them all up to a neutral spot about 50 yards back towards the entrance of the mine, and restart the binary. This brings me out of the PvP fight for a good 10 minutes at least, just for opening up the map.

The alliance side toons seem to get stuck at random points in the mine, especially near the alliance entrance and a little further inside. They also have the map problem. It seems to be related to the slave toons thinking the master toon is outside the mines when you open the map and they all attempt to run toward him on the surface, which is impossible so they just get stuck running into a wall.

Also, an update so that Ashran follow works without having to type "/of debug on" would be nice.

Hey how long you used ofollow and did anything bad happen using it. Gm asking q's etc??

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