oComms will not install the associated addon.

Any fix? I'm tired of losing IoC!

I did what tiny said, but the addon just wont install.

I only had 1 folder location. I've deleted it and linked it again, but without success; the addons still wont automatically download.

I can run oComms, but my characters wont display in oComms window. If oComms is launched, then I launch WoW and get in game with a character, oComms will say: "Not logged into game or addon disabled".

The issue seems to be that I dont have the addon downloaded.

I've tryied to download Icebox, but it is always "waiting for server response" and I cant download the addons required for oComms to work. I cannot find the addons manually neither on this website.

Anyone know how I could download the addons to get oComms working?

Also, is oComms still working or it has stopped being updated/downloadable for whatever reason?

Anyone get oComms to work as of May 18 2015?

Thanks for your help

I have this same problem

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