Ocomms a Trojan?

yahh so....my Norton found a little Trojan in Ocomms when i tried to run it. a SONOR.Heuristic.120 Trojan to be exact......i miss the good ol days of the normal ADDON that u install and not have to run a "Possibly" virus ridden Exe. not saying the Ocomms has it just saying i wish it had stayed an ADDON file.....any idea WHY Norton picked it up as that Trojan? i am kinda hesitant to restore it and all.......ALSO your website loads VERY slow..everything else loads pretty damn fast but SOLIDICE? nah it loads so slow it takes 5 minutes to actually load a page.

any info on any of these issues would be nice. but i thought i would bring these to your attention :)

if oComms has a trojan, that'd be news to me... and i wrote it.

i have verified the md5sum of oComms.exe matches the one produced and uploaded from my machine. in order for it to be infected, my tools would have to be infected, and they come directly from microsoft. it could be a false positive from norton, which does happen with anti virus software.

as for the site, i was working with our isp early today to address the problem. seems the swap was hosed which slowed everything down. the vm got moved to a new hypervisor and the site restarted... so all should be back to normal.

i've also added a layer of indirection at the top to allow for a simple business / gaming distinction since gaming isn't really my day job.

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