Not seeing an Premades with 3.0.2

Upgraded OQueue to 3.0.2 so that I can start getting Premade BGs to honor farm. However since the upgrade, I have not seen any Premade groups for ANYTHING listed. I have no filters and just everything on default settings. Is there something I might be missing?

People. It only works with people on your server or any connected server.

Ok, so out of all the Alliance on my server and connected servers, no one wants to use OQ for Premades? I find that hard to believe :(

I don't find it hard to believe. I'm sure many people are just using the in game finder now and also there is probably a good amount of people who don't realize Tiny fixed OQ to work. Originally it was announced that OQ won't work with the patch so I bet some people still think that.

I would try to help but if there is a legitimate problem I am not sure what to look for with this new version since I haven't used it yet.

So goodluck!

Jen, oQueue v3 has actually dropped ALL the old communications channels and is using the game's built-in raid finder, it has become another interface for the group finder... the problem is that the blizzard API for it is clunky and sluggish as hell at returning results

Ah, very interesting. Obviously I can't keep up with all the changes lol.


Rassilon is correct. with oQueue 3.0, i hooked directly into the GroupFinder data stream. this is the only data stream blizzard is allowing x-realm between non-friended players. the limitation being 100 groups max and only from your local region (language based region i think).

it's also not a live stream. it's a single query with the groups expiring as you hold them. if you wait, you'll see them all disappear. if you click off the tab and click back, or hit the refresh button, it'll refresh.


i think there's a bug with the group type it's auto-searching. go to the create-premade tab and select the group type you want to find, then back to the find-premade tab and do the same. those two types need to be the same (that's the bug)

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