No Ticket Progress

I'm currently not getting any progress for a ticket. I did several heroic dungeons, half a mythic raid (non-consecutive!) and two battlegrounds on 3 different chars since wednesday and didnt get anything. Any advice?

Couple questions:

  1. What characters specifically did you play?
  2. Did you just link those characters to your account today?
  3. When you go to the armory page on for those toons, at the bottom of the page, is the last updated date correct?

We calculate your score based off the value returned from the armory, so if the values don't come back correctly, or do not update after you log out, then your score will not update. Often times during a major patch or around any given tuesday the Armory can be expected to have short periods of 'slugishness' where it does not immediately update.

Also, I am sure this goes without saying, but you have to log out of WoW for the armory to update and for us to compute your score.


The information I am getting back for your characters from the armory is that the last time they were played was on or before Tuesdays patch:

(Names shortened for obv. privacy reasons)

Is - 10/12/14
Kh - 10/14/14
La - 10/14/14
Ry - 10/12/14
Ry - 10/12/14
Ry - 10/14/14

This often happens when a patch goes live, the armory may take awhile to start updating again for select realms.

1. Two of those Ry and Is :-)

2. No, they are linked some time now

3. Yes, thats whats confusing me, i see "Last updated on 20/10/2014" at the bottom. Maybe a sync-problem between armory and community api :(

Yah the armory is definitely having some problems

When I look at my own profile right now on it says I have no characters o.O.

yeah ive had 3 heroic garrosh kills in the last week and only maybe 3 or 4 % progress on a ticket


Looking at all the "recent activity" listed for your characters on all I see for Garrosh kills are:

(each line is a different character)

3 Garrosh Hellscream kills (Siege of Orgrimmar) 10/9/2014

2 Garrosh Hellscream kills (Siege of Orgrimmar) 9/22/2014

As far as the armory is telling me, you've only killed Garrosh on 2 characters within the last month, and the most recent was more than a week ago.

I killed Garrosh twice on mythic yesterday, you see no kill in recent activity but i optained an accbound weapon each time. Don't know what to tell you, as it seems like i'm not the only one with this sort of problem?!

Its possible that there's a bug in WoW and kills on the new difficulty (Mythic) are not being updated on the Armory.

If the kills are not being recorded then we won't be able to track them via the armory.

Ide suggest posting a bug report stating that your Mythic raid boss kills are not being recorded on the Armory API. There are probably others who are experiencing this issue with the armory not recording kill but just haven't noticed.

The WoW armory site and API often experiences bugs after major patches. These bugs sometimes only affect certain characters, or certain realms, so its very likely there is complication with the API not having up to date data.

I'm not trying to pass blame onto the API, but when we look at the Amorry website and their data is incorrect or not up to date, then that is the information we are going to receive from the API and we can't do anything to fix it because we simply don't control their systems.

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