Next Raffle

When is the next raffle? This is new to me and can't seem to find any info on it.

Hey Judas!

We haven't announced the next raffle yet. We are trying to brain storm some cool stuff to give away. But we will most likely also run a mount raffle soon.

We also try and announce / create a thread whenever a new raffle starts.
*claps* YAY

I have 40 tickets already, just waiting!
the last round of a 7-day and 14-day started at the same time worked out pretty well, but i'd like to add a bit more to the prize selections.

before we get crazy with hardware raffles, are there any suggestions for cool prizes you guys would like to see?
yes, I would like to see exaclty what has been completed already..tmog items from the pet(s) ....and store mount(s) :}
& game time...1mo,3 mo,6 mo.

Game time is a good idea!

But I am also happy with the pets and mounts :D
Corrupted Hippogryph..? :D
TCG Loot codes could be interesting. I'm all for hardware though, I really need some new stuff for my computer....I hope you can ship to where I am though!
shipping would be an issue, but we'd work with it to make it happen to the best of our abilities (as long as it's not too crazy, ofc)

checking the TCG, they aren't cheap. any suggestions where i can get a big box of random cards?
no game time plz, something original please... OQ merhendise...

oq tshirt?
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