New Oqueue working for anyone?

just got version 2.1.1 for patch 6.0.2, not seeing any groups.

is something wrong or is it just no one is using the addon that's why no groups?

Unfortunately the new oQueue is only across "connected realms" not "cross realm".

The difference is that before you could see all groups in the mesh network, now every realm, or every group of connected realms has its own "mesh". If nobody on your realm, or group of realms is hosting a group, then there will be no groups in the list.

There is no way to communicate with a person whom you do not have on your friends list anymore as of patch 6.0.2 so we are stuck with this.

How does blizz's new premade allow you to communicate with someone that is xrealm before they add you to the group? Are you added to their friends list when you queue?

Because Blizzard created the tool and they control the server they are able to just communicate behind the scene with the 2 persons WoW clients without the persons needing to be friends.

One of biggest advantages to owning the server.

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