Lovely World of Warcraft Toys

Today I bought a world of Warcraft baby toy, which surprised some of my friends. I'm a girl and I never play the Internet games like World of Warcraft. At the sight of the name, I thought it was a horror film. Later, I knew it was an Internet game. But I don't like a toy which is too ugly or too strange.

However, I went shopping with my mom today and I saw some lovely baby toys sale on the shelf. I immediately loved them. The salesman told me they are world of warcraft ( toyswill website). How can toys about Internet games be so lovely?

They are babies of monsters in the game. Maybe all the creatures are very cute and lovely when they are babies, even ugly monsters.

This sounds like a phishing attempt. I recommend no one clicks that link.

p.s. they only just registered today, not a trusted user by any means

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