Logged in, lost 1 karma.

so, is it supposed to happen like that? Logged in, and suddenly, -1 karma.
Is this supposed to happen?

link http://zapodaj.net/11bd3d6017c19.jpg.html

Hey Person7557,

Yes that is supposed to happen. Eevery day your karma degrades 1 point towards 0. If you have 9 karma, tomorrow you will have 8 karma. If you have -5 karma, tomorrow you will have -4 karma.

That way if you get to -25, or 25, eventually it will be back at 0. This encourages you to keep acting positively in groups, and to help you get back to a positive karma rating if for some reason a group of people tries to troll you and make sure you have negative karma.

I hope that helps.

nice having 8 karma.

im a multiboxer logged at 8 accounts on the same btag id.

X-you have lost 8karma DAFUQ

Yah its tracked by BTag sooo theres the unfortunate possibility for that to happen.

to lose al 8 karma points?

few mins later 7karma points got added

think something isnt working right i have the chars linked in the multiboxer only part. and set here on my accuont aswell

How do you get karma, and how do you report someone for having bad karma? And what do you get with karma?

Earning points is fun losing points aint fun. specialy if you aint doing something wrong. i do alot of raids single or multibox style. always respectfull but to lose karma if im in a group with myself !?!>?!? i didnt put karma down on myself :P

and also on very weird thing being in a raid just farming frogs gained me karma

doing dungeons with my own chars gave me -7 karma.

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