KeyClone: Can Not Get the Formation Commands to work in Game!

ok so i just got keyclone. i got everything working (looked at a post about turning off synapsis 2.0 (for mouse profile issue)) HOWEVER i can not get the formation.stack to work. i bound period to my mouse button 4 and i assigned region 1 to region 1 and region 2 to region 2 on maximizer. however when i press the assigned mouse key (or the period button) it doesnt do anything. what am i doing wrong here? also having an issue with my Toolbar popping up and having a WoW application turning yellow when i switch to another region and then not going away unless i go back to the previous region and clicking (even then it sometimes doesnt go away). also i am running as admin (went to properties/Compatability and checking the "always run as admin" option)

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