Kayteaperry and "Together Knights" of Blackhand

Got butthurt I didnt add him to realid when i explained to him i do not add people i dont know to realid. ninja looted and logged after hitting need on the last fragment off of yogg saron despite having adhered to loot rules throughout the run.

I would have loved to add this to the karma system feedback mr ronburgundy- if it would work.

if it would work

You should probably elaborate.

Also, are you referring to karma in game or on the website?

Hey namiuo,

What part didn't work for you?

I just searched Kayteaperry, we didn't have them in the database. I was able to add them to the system just fine.



Using Google Chrome currently and am trying to leave some 'Feedback/Karma' for someone and when I attempt to do so I get an error that says, Oops, Something went wrong. I tried in IE and I was unable to type in the content box, also unable to leave a comment on this post via IE... Not sure if there some sort of issue

After going back to chrome and having to log in again. I tried to leave feedback again and was able to.

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