Icebox ?

Hey, i did download Icebox to keep OQ up to date, has the app been abandoned or just not gotten up on this site yet?
icebox will return... it's just taken a backseat to the site as we're pushing to expand
Do we know when Icebox will be able for use again..I am having trouble updating OQ so I can't even get into a group :S
1.  exit wow
2.  right-click wow icon / properties
3.  find location of target location field (it's hilighted blue and has 'warcraft launcher.exe' in it)
4.  left click in that field and arrow all the way to the left so you can see the beginning of the line
5.  what is your wow folder?  about 70% have it installed to 'c:/program files (x86)/world of warcraft'
6.  unzip the zip file into your wow / interface / addons folder 
7.  note: do not select: wow/ interface/ addons/ oqueue
8.  restart your wow

that's it.  if you don't have a zip utility, you can use the winzip self extrator for the latest version

as for icebox, it's next on the agenda along with further site updates.
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