How To: Load out of date addons

The following graphic is so assist users in enabling out of date addons for World of Warcraft.

The latest version of oQueue has been updated to indicate that it is valid for World of Warcraft patch 6.0. For some reason WoW has flagged oQueue as out of date when you log in. To load out of date addons, please refer to the graphic below.

If you have any further difficulties please feel free to reply here.

Every time I try to download oqueue it has a pop up when i download it and that pop up keeps popping up and closing out. It won't let me download it, but I have it through curse client but it's the 1.6 version. I have the load out of date button checked but it still doesn't work. Any suggestions?

If you are on Windows you might want to try icebox:

Icebox works pretty much just like curse client.

did all that but when I try to waitlist I get" oqueue is out of date please download the new version" which wont work cus on the addon ui it says out of date can't find anything to fix this

Hi frostburn,

If you enable load out of date addons, as the graphic displays, then version 2.0.5 should load just fine in game.

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