How to: Be a successful raid leader

Long ago I was formerly just your average wait lister on oQueue. Until certain things got on my nerve. I decided to make a change to raid leader to fix all the things that annoyed me as just a regular member of a group. Things that made me want to leave a group I tried to fix in my own raids when I became a leader. After recently achieveing 400+ points on oQueue raid leading, i've aquired the sword symbol to my name. I took the same organized strategies of my past Horde PvP raid style last year to my new PvE Alliance side home. I've aquired permanent battletags of individuals who want nothing more to join my raids for thier organization and speed. Here is a list of things to better yourself as a raid leader:

Set marks on players:

Its always a good thing to mark tanks so everyone can see where they are at all times incase they get aggro and they need a tank to run to. Marking other players on other fights can come in handy too. Marking all the ranged classes on the Malkorok fight gives the entire raid a good indication of how spread they need to be.

Don't be afraid to make changes:

You're going to get that one bad player, that is not up to par what he/she should be able to perform at your level. Inform them in whispers that you would like thier numbers to increase. If they are unable to perform at a level the rest of the raid is performing, its best to ask them to step out. ASK THEM. Don't just kick them. Kicking them will give only them 60 seconds to decide if they want to facepull your boss and wipe you up intentionally and which case you would completely deserve it. And wipes = players leaving. You've seen it. I've seen it.

Don't Carry Anyone:

Do not pull anyone in that is below your minimum ilvl requirements on oQueue. You're going to frustrate the players who are geared and plan on doing the raid and want to raid with other players of that ilvl that you set in place.

Explain loot rules:

If you set the loot to master looter, Be sure to address to the raid through raid chat of how the loot will be distributed. General consensus is MS > OS > FFA ( Main spec > Off spec > Free for all ). And keep in mind, when a newcommer arrives you will again have to express the loot rules. So if you lead often, its best to create a macro.

Use Timers:

During the raid utilize raid timers through DBM or VEM as often as possible and even for the most mediocre things.

  • /dbm timer time title = example /dbm timer 600 Tanks!
  • /vem timer time title = example /vem timer 600 Heals!


  • /dbm break = puts a 5 minute break timer displayed to the raid members who have dbm or vem
  • /vem break = puts a 5 minute break timer displayed to the raid members who have dbm or vem

Here is how i've put these functions to good use. After every 3-4 bosses or every hour i have the raid take a 5 minute break. Also if the raid is sitting around waiting for 1 tank or healer to arrive and they are getting ancy. I set a " kill " timer. I generally set a kill timer for 10 minutes. indicating to the raid that I will cancel the raid If i do not find the correct class to complete the task at hand. This does a few things. Players that would just leave at least know that they only have to wait a maximum of 10 minutes to either start pulling again or they can drop. This in turn helps prevent players from leaving abruptly. Kill timers also get other individuals who are driven to complete the raid to start looking in trade, openraid, guilds, or the blizzard LFM frame for you.

  • /dbm pull
  • /vem pull
  • /dbm pull 60
  • /vem pull 60

These are pretty obvious as most players already use these functions in raids regularly before pulls. I myself do things a little differently.

As a leader, I am a very impatient individual. So I for one know exactly what makes impatient players tick. and its sitting around for no reason. It drives me absolutely insane. "Time is money friend" is an understatement. I want to down as many bosses in as little time as possible.

Try this: Just as you've cleared all the trash and you're standing next to the boss you're soon going to pull. Set a 60 second timer to the fight. put up a raid warning ( /rw ) and express to the raid that they have 60 seconds to get ready, the timer is for pull! This will not only keep the slower paced players on thier toes, But it also keeps the impatient players from either facepulling, leaving or going crazy over boredom. If anything, it will excite them into doing more raids with you and your groups in the future.


These addons are very helpful when raiding, and can take the pressure of you as a raid leader.

  • DBM(Deadly Boss Mods) or VEM(Voice Encounter Mods)DBM & VEM both work the same way. They both give you boss timers and let you know if you're standing where you shouldnt, attacking the wrong target, ect.
  • Boss assistance addons:1. Klaxxi Assist Helps with auto marking mobs for you for the paragons fight.2.Malkorok helper Helps you with finding out where the arching smash is on the malkorok fight.

A good raid leader is an organized raid leader. And having the correct addons to make your leadership skills shine is important.

Be Social:

  • Use voice programs like Ventrilo, Mumble, skype, teamspeak ect.
  • Keep your raid updated often.

Listen, Nobody likes a raid leader that literaly says nothing. Its best to keep your raid constantly informed of what your intentions are, before fights, between breaks ect. If you're still looking for a tank, keep the raid informed. Dormant raid chat logs turn into those impatient players leaving on you.

Voice programs such as ventrilo is an excellent source of communication when using oQueue. That is why Tiny and Rathamus have teamed up to give you oQueue rooms in the public vent server. This is also why when you created a premade on oQueue, you see on the notes that are displayed with ventrilo information. This is your access to voice communcation on Rathamus' ventrilo server.

Create a premade and set an oqueue room on the public vent server that you're already in. And tell your raid!

  • Adress:
  • Port: 4135

Use Raid markers:

When leading pug groups its best to hold other players hands as best as you can to insure your runs will be as smooth as possible. Raid markers are a great way to make things obvious for players. Like setting up a raid marker on top of a repair bot. or stack locations, or " run to here when you have" locations. Failure to have any raid markers up can potentially give you a raid during a boss fight where people are running around like mad men. Want to keybind a macro? Here is a list of useful raid marker macros:


/click CompactRaidFrameManagerDisplayFrameLeaderOptionsRaidWorldMarkerButton

/click DropDownList1Button1


/click CompactRaidFrameManagerDisplayFrameLeaderOptionsRaidWorldMarkerButton

/click DropDownList1Button2


/click CompactRaidFrameManagerDisplayFrameLeaderOptionsRaidWorldMarkerButton

/click DropDownList1Button3


/click CompactRaidFrameManagerDisplayFrameLeaderOptionsRaidWorldMarkerButton

/click DropDownList1Button4


/click CompactRaidFrameManagerDisplayFrameLeaderOptionsRaidWorldMarkerButton

/click DropDownList1Button5


/click CompactRaidFrameManagerDisplayFrameLeaderOptionsRaidWorldMarkerButton

/click DropDownList1Button6

Proper raid make-up:

Its important to try to factor how many players or types of classes and specs you require for your raid.

  • 10man: Generally 2 tanks / 2 healers / 6 dps ~or~ 2 tanks | 2 Heals | 1Hybrid-heal/dps | 5 Dps
  • Flex: Generally 2 tanks / 2-5 healers / 6-13 dps

Its also important to factor in buffs into your raid composition. Familiarize yourself with each class, spec and what buffs they can obtain for your raid.

Dont know what classes or specs give what buffs? look this over:

Giving Assist:

Only give assist to those you trust. If a random player you do not know wants assist, more than likely they are trying to invite a friend, guildmate or someone they happen to have found that can benefit the raid. While most of the time this is harmless, refrain from blindly giving power to individuals you are not comfortable with just yet. They could in turn invite undergeared individuals to a raid you set an ilvl requirement on. Or worse yet, nothing is stopping them from causing mayhem in your raids by mass inviting players from ORDOS or CELESTIALS blizzard cross realm UI. Use caution.

Have FUN!:

Each raider that joins your premade groups are from all walks of life, But they all have the same thing in common. If they are going to play a game, they want it to be enjoyable. As an individual in an entertainment business its important to keep the player coming back to you for enjoyment. This is no different in warcraft leading. If you intend on being a rude leader who points fingers at players for failed attempts, you WILL lose raiders over it. If you make raiders laugh along the way and get them to have a good time, gauranteed they will come back for more of your premades.

excellent post!

good leadership is as important to the success of a mission as group composition, if not more.

Love it! Since quiting raid progression after vanilla I said I never wanted to raid again. I started LFR this xpac and was appalled at how bad it was. I decided to make macros for bosses that I could use for a short explaination for the other memebers who had not been there before and I find it quite successful. I also get asked "what mod is that?!" Lol. (Hey Tiny, theres a mod for you to make :P)

Raids need great leaders and you are clearly one of them. Bravo sir!


I use the same style macros, and was inspired by the Beta dungeon journals. They list each role (Tank/Heals/DPS) and tell each one what they need to look out for. This is basically what mine says:

EX: Immerseus Normal 10

***All***: Stay spread out but in range of a healer. DO NOT: stand in puddles, get hit with swirl, or get hit with small gysers during swirl.

Tanks: Do not try to take 2 stacks of Corrosive Blast, it may kill you. Let your Offtank take the second blast. Assist DPS in killing the gray/black slimes during submersion.

DPS: Do not stand behind tanks, Corrosive Blast will kill you. Kill black/gray slimes during submersion. Assist healers (if able) by healing green slimes if no black ones are in your area.

Heals: Do not stand behind tanks, Corrosive Blast will kill you. Tanks with Corrosive Blast will take large damage (and extrememly large damage if they get a second stack). Heal the green/blue slimes to full (they will darken in color when full) during submersion. Be prepared for large damage spike as slimes hit the water in the middle.

I kept mine simple, with getting just the minimum info out there and only on one macro since you can only have so many. They are also with LFR in mind and some things are left out due to character space and with the assumption MOST of the raid knows what they are doing and will compensate for those who don't.

My Immerseus macro:

/i ~*Immerseus*~
/i Spread out over all sections.
/i Healers heal friendly adds, DPS hostile adds.
/i Tank swap on “Corrosive Blast”.
/i BL/TW on pull.

P.S. I don't think my husband will let me. I might have to check with him first.

If you do, you are more than welcome to take the snaps from (1 or 2 liners for DPS for each boss in MoP).

Many Raid Leads are frogs and never ascend to the level of a Prince, I enjoyed your comments and agree whole hearttedly with them and hope that others serious about the game learn good concepts of leadership. you sir are a prince among Raid Leaders.

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