Hailing those around you

I've noticed for some time a /hail emote spamming, and based on a mmo-champion forum post, learned that oQueue was the suspected culprit.

Sure enough, in oqueue.lua, there's a small block in oqueue.lua:
  if oq.is_da_king(name) and ((_hailtiny == nil) or ((now - _hailtiny) > HAILTOTHEKINGBABY)) then
    -- hail to the king, baby
    _hailtiny = now ;
    oq.excited_cheer() ;

Can we please get a UI flag for this in setup? I don't mind being friendly, but it makes certain things tricky, especially for stealthers trying to escape coiners.
You are "hailing" those around you, because you have an outdated version. When you receive the "new version notification" from the scorekeeper, it prompts the hail emote. If you stay up to date, this wont happen. 
Ah, yeah, I see the other oq.excited_cheer reference. Took a quick off-the-cuff look earlier.

Still, it's not particularly useful in the current incarnation. It will hail with no other indication as to what's going on, without oQueue being open, etc.

I can understand, given the mesh network, the importance of version control. That said, might I recommend a popup or chat message when an update is required? [Edit: Removed automatic disabling - you do already do this!)

In terms of staying up to date, that would obviously be much easier if oQueue was back on Curse. Given that it doesn't seem likely, it might be worth making it easier to upgrade - for example, DBM puts the URL right in the new version popup. Alternatively, I wonder if there would be interest in some sort of update client for paid donators?
Ah, didn't see the upcoming desktop client in thread 236. That will help immensely. :)
There "should" be a popup when a new version is available.

If it is not displaying for you, there may be some bug / issue.  When a new version is available on the find premade tab, there will be a popup that hovers over the list of groups which reads to the effect of: "oQueue version X.X now avaialable.", as far as copying the link to the site, im not sure if tiny would want to work it in.

An additional measure is that if you try to waitlist for a group, and the group leader is 2 or more versions ahead of your current version, you will recieve a "not qualified: your version is out of date", reply and you will not be able to watilist for that group. 

We are working on a desktop client for one button updating, it will be freely available for all users. 
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