Deactivated Oqueue for a quest want to reactivate again.... HELP!!

I don't know if this is in the forums yet but I had to deactivate Oqueue for some quest in Mt. Hyjal since it was messing with some quest scene (I dont understand why...) and I figured maybe I can delete oqueue files and rezip it back into my Addons... WRONG! Please help I really like this addon helps me gear up and find great people to work with, not to mention it makes BG 10x more fun ><

Log to the character selection screen and select "addons" at the bottom left. Oqueue should have a yellow check in its box, if it is empty or possibly gray (I think this color, it would say something like it may not be active for all characters if you hover over it) you need to check it and get it to display the yellow check. Hit "Okay". Load character as normal.

I looked and its not even in that list of addons anymore

Uhoh, you broke it o.O

Nevermind I reinstalled and did what you said. Thank You!

Ah, good :D

I have had it break trying to do certain quests before and it disables it while you are in game. If that ever happens you should just have to do those steps to fix it.

i'd like to know which quest it has issues with, what type of problems pop up, and possibly why it's happening if anyone knows

I was waiting to report it once I lvld another character and tested it but I can tell you I have had a problem with:

This is where you use an item on the boss after it is dead in Drak'Tharon Keep. It makes you disable the addon for whatever reason before you can actually use the item on the boss. Almost positive I have had it happen on the past 2 characters I lvld. If you haven't been in there on a character you can get the quest and try it yourself to see.

No clue why this is happening.

*Edit to clarify "it" lol

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