crash problem

Tiny, Ron:

What can I do to improve game flow in BGs? I am noticing that after first contact in BGs, all slaves disconnect to the wow load page. I am using Keyclone and Ofollow.

No such problem in the most crowded street of Orgrimmar nor in dungeons nor anywhere else, Only in BGs. I do not notice any lag, just an instant crash of slaves--Master remains alive and kicking (and suddenly lonely). It affects all melee teams, but has never bothered my hunters for some reason...

I remember seeing a video about how to increase connectivity of multiple clients while multiboxing, but cannot find it. HELP!


I ran into Tiny in game and he reminded me of simple solution:

My hunters never crashed like this, because they were almost always at range blazing away and KILLING STUFF!

The reason my melee teams have been crashing all slaves' clients/windows is because I never performed the macro: /of break, and so my toons were all trying to /of follow my master AND interact with target. BLEW MY PUTER'S MIND and crashed the bulk of my clients.


With melee team, hit /of break macro going into melee

and then /of follow to regroup and follow leader.

Minor problem: before every engagement this makes alot of buttons to be mashing. I will overcome this by combining the /of break macro with my InteractWithTarget command. This will also ensure I do not forget to DO the /of break command and crash my clients. PvP multiboxing is not as smooth, atm, as it was before the Blizzard /follow backstab, but it is manageable. I was so angry 2 years ago with Blizzard's /follow ban in battlegrounds that I simply left. I regret now not hanging around and waiting for geniuses like Tiny to figure out how to overcome this obstacle.

Thanks Tiny! Ofollow keeps PvP boxing alive and well!

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