Constantly removed from wait lists... wtfery??

I'm a 570 Destro Lock (and a 569 Frost DK) with 14/14N (both toons) for months and months now... but because I choose to stay with groups no matter how often they wipe, my 'reputation' on oqueue is 'tarnished' it seems. For example, just tonight, a 534 ilvl raid lead who hasn't even cleared Garrosh on norm, removed me from wait list twice. Does anyone 'in charge' want to say anything here, or should I just stop using it and stick with in-game queues and trade chat invites? This is seriously getting ridiculous.

Ok, this is ******* stupid. Are the 'ratings' so poorly programmed that they can't tell if a person has cleared norm/heroic?? Do they only go by wipes?? This is telling people to leave after one wipe, or they ruin their chances (like I clearly already have). What the ****, people?

I was having the same issue 1 day on my mage then another on my resto shaman (both 570+) I really don't think it has anything to do with your "rating" at may be they already have enough locks in the group and need another class. If the WL is getting full they kick people they don't need so there is room for the potential ones they do need. I know its frustrating, but 10 days w/ oqueue has made me wish that I hadn't been so silly for so long and just tried it 8 mo. ago when i first heard about it. Give it a chance some of the groups you will get will make you glad you did.

I'll advise you to watch your language on the forums m0p.

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