Connection Issues, 0 premades

So I am having the 0 pre-mades issue and from what I have read it is due to my 0-1/0-2 connection.

The find mesh button seems to do nothing for me, as I have clicked multiple times.

Is there anything else I can do?
Oh and have gotten it to work by exiting the game, but for like 5 min tops and then they all vanish

Make sure you have version 2.0.5.

Once you confirm your version, go to the setup tab, make sure you have "Auto join oQ Channel" checked.

The 0-1 connection is certainly the issue. Meaning you have 0 people on your realm, and 1 person on your friends list using oQueue.

Let me know if Auto Join oQ Channel helps at all. You will also want to keep trying to use the find mesh. Eventually, it should work as long as the score keeper is online.

Seemed unchecking and checking the auto join did something cause i had a good list but was still at 0-2 connection

Thanks for the tip tho, it may have done the trick!
And I read no more OQ after tuesday?!

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