Check Score 0%

Just played the game for like 5 hours, did several raids and dungeons and still at 0%, what a joke.

Can you please tell me which characters of yours you played today?

Same - Rumpleteazer (Aerie Peak EU) - LFR SoO - part 2 all (4) - part 3: 1 - part 4 all (3) = 8 bosses => 0 %

Thanks phantasm,

Is this by any chance your first time checking your score since linking your toons?

We will now automatically check your score when you link a new character.

Previously when claiming a character you needed to check your score so that we would have a starting point. Now it will check automatically when you link a toon.

I think this is why it appeared as if you did not gain any points, because we did not have a starting point to compare your characters progress against, so their score now when you last checked, was saved as this starting point.

Sorry if this confusion caused any inconvenience.

Same, cleared 13/14 soo hc, no progress

Did you log out from the game before checking your score?

Played several arenas, log out, no progress; cleared flex, log out, no progress; killed al'akir, lich king, log out, no progress.

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the progress is controlled by the armory. if your armory information isn't updating, then we won't be able to detect any changes and your score will remain the same

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