Can I search buddies at another realms?

I am playing on russian realm and was wondering if anything can be changed/configured in OQ to be able search across other EU servers, lets say English ones? Or I am locked in my russian servers only? I am still angry on blizzard for knocking-down OQ. In the mornings russians are sleeping, however many groups from EU were available through OQ before 6.0.2 and I would like to continue playing with them. Thank you Tiny

G'afternoon Mutagenex

sorry to say, but with 6.0.2, blizzard has taken out any ability to create an ad-hoc mesh network which would be required to locate people on different realms in-game.

in theory i could figure something out, but blizzard has already shown their willingness to shutdown any such action. it's pretty stunning, actually. i never anticipated their desire to restrict their player base as much. then again, their overall design has been to move away from large content and into smaller and smaller content (which is easier on their servers and much easier to develop... ie: lazier)

within a week or so, we will be introducing something on this site that will help people find each other in a real-time fashion. blizzard will have no ability to limit who you can reach, as that will be under our control.

once completed, you'll have the ability to find people again, but you'll have to use btags to manually add them and join their groups.

oh.. something new is coming :)

*note to self: make popcorn*

Hopefully soon, do not say a joke if you no longer can be used oqueue as before I stop playing wow

there won't be any mechanism i can create that'll work in-game. blizzard is actively working against it.

but we're working on an out-of-game solution... they can't interfere with that

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