BNSendGameData and multiple clients open at once

This actually happened to be something I ran into on my own project, but I believe it might answer why some people have mysterious oQueue problems.

BNSendGameData sends data to only one client per presenceID. So if a person has the desktop app, wow1 client, wow2 client, and hearthstone it might only receive the BN_CHAT_MSG_ADDON event on wow1 or wow2 or never because it got sent to either hearthstone or the desktop app. This works exactly like the old whispers did where multi-boxers would only get the message on one client.

I'm sure the author of oQueue has a direct line to Blizzard so I'm hoping if he can replicate this then maybe he can talk them into forwarding the BN_CHAT_MSG_ADDON event to all clients associated with the presenceID just like how the current whispers work.

Thanks and keep up the good work.
when sending messages, you must use the toon specific presence id. this was a problem early on until the toon specific ids were available.

with oQueue, type this:

/oq who

you'll see a list of the people on your friends list that are currently using oQueue. on each line you'll also see their presence Id and their toon specific presence Id

you want to use BNGetFriendToonInfo to get the toon specific presence Id

I found this thread through some google search, sorry for slightly offtopic question but :


I can find all the toons playing for a bnet friend, but how do I enumerate my own ? (BNGetInfo() returns nil as presenceId for self...)


this wow addon still work???

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