Battle tag missing or Invlid...

Hello All, I just downloaded this addon today, but getting an error when trying to use it.
"Battle tag missing or Invlid", how do I get this resolved?

Never mind, got it to work! Thanks!
1.  exit wow completely
2.  log into your blizz web account (
3.  go to the account / summary page
4.  half way down on left side: get a battle tag
5.  choose a nickname/callsign that has nothing to do with your real name or real-id
6.  once created, log out and restart your wow
I have this problem too sometimes. Only sometimes, though. I HAVE a battle-tag, and to my knowledge nothing's wrong with it, but sometimes, especially recently, OQueue will suddenly not work, telling me that my battle-tag is missing or invalid. Sometimes, logging out and back in will help, sometimes, I have to close all the way out of WoW to fix it.
That is due to your WoW client losing connection with Not necessarily a oQueue issue. just crashes sometimes, because its
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