Banned from oQueue?

Hi! I have used oQueue for a long time now, I love this addon. But yesterday I got banned from using it, Reason:"Behavior", I dont know what I have done. Please help clear this out- my b-tag: spruffs#2518

Edit: Just to be clear, I am banned from oQuene. I cant use the addon anymore.

I've never heard of someone getting banned from oqueue so if you find out how it happened I'd like to know the rules so I dont get banned :)

you can't be banned globally in oQueue v3 since oQueue has pretty much ceased functioning using battletag comms these days... the only remaining global bans are the permanent bans built-in for hacking... and i think even those are not used by oqueue v3 these days

i think the only remaining bans are the personal bans of players...maybe you only ended up on someone's personal ban/ignore list.

i will be revisiting the banning mechanism to add the ability to ban by name-realm. this will help keep out certain players at least on a specific toon.

the general bans that were there before will remain in effect

Hi i have also been banned from using Oqueue and i cant understand why i have only ever been nice in OQ groups the only time that i have had to be a pain is leaving a group due to having to look after my son

Hi Senseimoo,

This might be a bug. We are looking into it.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

If you were advertising yourself then I definitely banned you from my personal oqueue

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