Banned for Behaviour

Hi i got banned from OQ and i dont understand how i am always polite even with the worst of groups please help me resolve this as i thouroughly enjoy using oq my Bnet tag is Vcr#1419

me too don't no whats up but I've never done anything that had to do with oq to deserve a bann unless OQ monitors wow chat now in which case u would find 1 swear word at a raid person in chat but that was a response to an insult to me over vent and is it solidices policy to bann over 1 swear word I personaly wouldn't no because I click on your code of conduct and theres nothing there so I don't no if a swear word violated anything not trying to be a jerk just lost on this hole bann thing I no I haven't threatened or ruined anyones play time while on OQ its been a good thing up until this but I'm not sorry to the person who offended me and I wont take part in your attempt at public humiliation just to get OQ back actually your obsolete! now blizz don't need you and I'm happy just did garrosh and I didn't wait but 2 seconds for a group soooo! you served your purpose and for that I thank you but times change games change add-ons change and thank god the swear word cop has no input on any other game I play so just open your raid ui pick premades and look under pandaria you'll get all the SoO raids and to the aussie's that caused this crap hope you get your cummuppins mates or in English tattletails always get there's in the end nah nah nah nah lol


Apologies for the inconvenience, I will look into this and see if this is possibly affecting you by mistake.


I don't see your btag in the list of globally banned btags. This indicates that it might a bug. Sorry for any inconvenience we'll look into this ASAP.


We wouldn't ban you merely for 'swearing', TBH we don't care if you swear up a storm in game, our code of conduct only applies to behaviors here on the site. Group leaders can block you individually if they don't want to group with you. That wouldn't get your globally banned from oQueue.

If you were banned from the public vent, then you will have to appeal on Publicvent and SolidICE are separate entities**

I also got banned right when I downloaded the new update and have always been nice to every group.

My Btag is Grimfang#1564

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