B-Tag Vareyn#1614

This guy/gal (Vareyn@SilverHand) and a few other people ( notables Kalandre@SilverHand and Mykira@SilverHand ) are online right now using this software to rip people off. I was just in a 25 man on Galakras and watched these people systematically kick every single person that rolled higher than they did and simply took all of the loot. It appears that Honeyliquor@Mal'ganis may have been in on it as this person was awarded loot and not removed, but I cannot be sure. To be clear, I was not one of the people that won or lost anything. I was simply a witness to the events.

It would be nice if the admin here would clean the "shit" out of the yard, so to speak..... I almost certain nothing will come of this and they will be left to continue hijacking people via your software. Just a heads up


The best way to leave feedback about a player or raid leader is to use our Karma system.

To post karma or feedback about a WoW player, all you do is go to https://solidice.com/karma and search for the players name.

If we have the player in our database you can select them and you will be brought to their character profile page. On this page you can click "Leave Feedback", then create a new post about that player.

If we don't know about the player, when you search for them you will be shown a form to add that player to our database.


screenshots showing the offense along with the btag help a lot.

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