Addon Development

I want to create an addon, I have a basic working knowledge of C# as well as HTML. I know Lua and XML are used to write the addons.

Can anyone help me with the methods to get items that are equiped?

A quick google search brought this up for me:

I've never actually seen that link before so I'm not sure exactly what those kits include.

Also this tutorial here seems to give you a quick tutorials on making a hello world addon:

You might already be past this "hello world" step but I thought ide at least point you in its direction.

The function defs on might also be of help, but im not sure how complete or recent that information is.

I might be able to give some insight. If that sounds interesting, drop me a note or find me in vent

I would love to see one that you can deselect the hunters aspect if they will not turn it off in a raid

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