Abuser in the OQ system

Today a user name Janice - Stormrage invited all to clear the trash up to garrosh claiming it was a garrosh run. After we got to garrosh he kicked all. The a in his name had a mark over it as well.

He is now in the OQ system under the name paladin with all kinds of special characters. Once the clear was done he logged into that name and started a new flex 4, Garrosh zerg! His battle id is Steven#11887

Take Ron's advice from this thread:


If you know what kind of "mark," umlaut or otherwise, you can use the character map program in windows to come up with the character code to type and search the name. (Mine is located under accessories, then system tools)

Okay thanks!

i was in this group, the name was Jânice-Stormrage

Also he was spamming to buy WoD with gold, violation of tos so you could get him for that too if you wanted

You need to use the Karma system so others can see the issue, they may not see a forum post.

If there is a ToS violation you need to open a ticket with Blizzard, there is nothing OQueue can do about that.

Yeah I'm trying to do that now! I wish there was a way you guys at OQ could ban / remove a person from using the addon!

screenshots showing the offense along with the btag help a lot.

also, you can give this player a more permanent forum of karma for others to see here:


Karma updated!

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