2.0.5 out of date?

Hi, i just downloaded Oqueue 2.0.5. when i log onto WoW, and use the OQ button, it says that the new version is ready to be downloaded when i already installed the new version. So what is going on or what am i doing wrong?

look at the top center of your oQueue... what version does it say?

it's not uncommon for people to accidentally install the addons in the wrong folder

I'm having the same issue. When I unzip the folder it says its version 2.0.5. Then I go ahead and place it in my WoW>interface>add-on folder and it doesn't up-date the add-on. It is placed in the correct folder. I'm not sure what the issue is.

edit: Fixed my issue. Apparently I was putting it in my PTR folder. Perhaps that is his issue as well. Sorry for the confusion. (:

Really guys? I know this is the end but did you have to just dig at us for supporting you?

Interface: 60000

See this is what people have hated about you. Yes, you made a service people are thankful for but your attitude, nonsensical additions, and bloat followed by new releases just to add something nobody wants is the reason I'm glad Blizzard took this over.

I guess I'm thankful that enough people used something like this to get them (Blizzard) to take notice but I can't help but think that if you weren't so stubborn and actually made a non bloated product, this might still be around.

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