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Welcome to solidice.com, the official home of World of Warcrafts first in game group finding addon; oQueue.

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** HARD RESTART REQUIRED ** (new files)

  • BUGFIX: brazilian premade check
  • BUGFIX: expired lockouts solved (thx Zorrial!)
  • BUGFIX: initial premade type set properly
  • BUGFIX: misspelling yu'lon
  • BUGFIX: cleaned up count next to raid subtype render
  • BUGFIX: spyglass filter will be initially unchecked
  • UPD: reduced premade info pulse from 5 times/min to 3 times/min (cuts bandwidth)
  • UPD: initial join oqgeneral channel time jumped from 5s to 15s
  • UPD: if you hit 'create' on the premade tab as a group leader but not the oQueue leader, it will harddrop and create (thx lilhealz!)
  • UPD: no-voice icon changed
  • UPD: french translation update (thx Alathea!!)
  • UPD: added brazilian servers to oceanic list for world boss checks
  • UPD: updated boss nicknames
  • UPD: raid subtype color update: flex
  • UPD: spyglass filter will now check raid abbreviation
  • UPD: progression info now only for 10N, 10H, 25N, 25H
  • UPD: logbook font reduced to fit text
  • add: raid progression shown on status area
  • add: live updating raid status info (will push an update every 20s when in the instance; RL only) (thx EasyE!)
  • add: karma button on the top left button bar
  • add: lang-type: korean (translation pending)
  • add: giving karma will now effect the giver. +10 pts given yields +1 karma. -10 pts given yields -1 karma
  • add: checking qualified will now check raid lock conflicts
  • add: left-clicking minimap wait-list count will open wait-list; right-click will invite-all
  • add: checking qualified will now verify oceanic and non-oceanic realms for 'world boss' raid groups
  • add: wait-list rejection over raid lockout conflict
  • add: will leave oqgeneral channel if channel 1 and attempt to rejoin 15 seconds later
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