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Easily download addons from SolidICE using the Icebox downloader.

Icebox is a lightweight single file application which allows you to easily download and update addons from SolidICE.

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Site Reskin

We've roled out (yet another) reskin of the site.

This change has been mostly cosmetic with some improvements to some backend code aswell, but should not introduce any issues or bugs. Along with the cosmetic changes, we are experimenting with response ad units from Google, and different ad placements so that advertisements are not over bearing as you browse. Along with the responsive ad units, and modified placements, we've implemented a fully responsive design, so the site should be more accessible on a wider range of devices and screen sizes.

To compliment the responsive design, we have utilized a full width layout on many pages, including many forums related pages. Due to the use of a full width layout, the pages lack a side bar and the forum 'widgets' which display recent posts, topics, etc, are missing from these pages. We are currently working on where the new home for these 'widgets' will be on select pages.

If you do come accross any issues, please contact us or post in the existing bug report thread.

If you would like to leave any comments on the changes, suggestions for improvements, etc, please post in the existing site suggestions thread.



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Site Addition: Author Addon Management

I am pleased to announce that we have finished the first stages of our development to allow addon authors to upload, claim, and manage new and existing addons on SolidICE.

While we have a long list of additions and improvements which we are working on implementing, our current system offers the following features:

  • Submit a new addon
  • Claim an existing addon
  • Import an addon directly from curse
  • Upload new versions for your addons
  • Upload and manage images for your addons
  • View detailed download statistics, accurate up to the minute
  • Specific forum for each of your addons
  • Generate revenue through Google Adsense
  • Instant version sanitization, approval, and availability via Icebox and website

While some of these features listed above are the basic requirements for the system, we are excited to offer others such as the download statistics, Adsense settings, and instant availability of your addon and versions via icebox and the website. Distributing your addon through Icebox is quick and simple, as your users will immediately receive updates with no download limits or throttles.

For authors whom choose to submit Google Adsense information, we will display your ads on 50% of download pages for your addon. An increase to 75% of those pages can be arranged pending the acceptance of additional terms.

To access the Addon Author Dashboard, any user can navigate via the "My Addons" link on the main navigation, or via the "Author Dashboard" link through their user profile. The addon Author Dashboard also provides the same suite of functionalities as the existing user profile, along with those tailored towards addon authors.

Please let us know of any complication, suggestions, or thoughts on this addition.

If you are an addon author, and would like to see a feature implemented, or have an idea on how to improve a current feature, we would be very interested in working toward implementing those ideas.



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Login and Registration

Over the next next few days / week you may notice times where Logins / New User Registration is disabled.

If this occurs we are more than likely addressing a bug.

Thank you for your patience as we work to resolve any issues.

Site Migration

Starting now we are beginning to upgrade the website to its new system, and begin migration of the database.

To prevent data loss, user login and registration has been disabled for the time being.

We do not expect to experience any data loss, however, users will most likely have to re upload avatars / pick which WoW character they would like to use as their avatar.

For those of you who have won raffles, chosen codes will be unavailable for a short period of time.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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WoW Armory Disruptions

It appears that a issue is effecting a number of users where they are unable to link their WoW characters to thier account.

This appears to be related to WoW characters not updating on the WoW Armory after a character has logged out of the game. This appears to be effecting a number of realms, but not all realms.

We will keep you updated on any advancements or updates.


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Notice: July 8th Mount Raffle Change

we will be updating the site over the next few days. this will be a major overhaul. as such, we will need to shutdown all new accounts, toon registration, and raffle ticket generation.

since this will obviously impact the current 14 day raffle, we will cut it short and will be changing the drawing date from 28July to this monday, 21July.

see more on the main thread ( here )

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